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Personal Training 16T - 28000 RSD

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About the center

The Fitwell center is located in downtown of Belgrade, near the Square Slavia snd street Kneza Milosa. The site is intended and all those who want to learn something more about improving their physical and mental status.
You can get the necessary information about rehabilitation, physical preparation and
nutrition here, whether you are a professional athlete, a person with specific needs or a recreational athlete who wants to improve their quality of life. If you have any doubts, you can consult the listed programs, if you need more information, please contact the center.
You can get a simple answer, a consultation or a complete
program designed and customized to meet your needs. Consultations with doctors or nutritionists for additional information about nutrition or additional help can be arranged.


In the center you can do basic check-up of your health. This service is completely free of charge, please just need to come prepared for testing. Sport clothes and clean shoes is everything what you need, we will check-up body composition / fat percentage and lean muscle percentage, blood pressure and level of sugar in your blood, in case you have medical condition or you are using medications we need to know that, so we can do accurate testing and give proper advice. After testing you will get your report on e-mail and printed. If you are satisfied with our approach we can continue cooperation and create program for you or you can continue using our facility on your own.

Introduction on Nutrition

Nutrition plan and program is a very important and, in most cases, necessary component for achieving the desired results. Programs vary, depending on your objective; please note that the importance of nutrition for certain programs ranges from 50%, e.g. knee rehabilitation, up to 90% when it comes to e.g. diabetes, elevated cholesterol or blood pressure etc. Of course, there is ample evidence of some cases of proper nutrition significantly contributing to health improvement even without additional activities, which undoubtedly leads us to the conclusion that each program on this website is supported by – a nutrition program.
A nutrition program is precisely determined depending on the health status, and in certain cases, nutrition programs can overlap, but only in a small percentage. Most programs should be individual because of:

- Differences in patients, sex, age, weight…..
- Differences in health status and disease phase
- Medications (drugs) used by the patient are essential to the program design

Meet the team

Training programs

Programs for persons with specific needs are aimed at improving health and quality of life which is related to a specific disease, and/or secondary conditions arising from the primary condition. A short description of the most common issues related to the below mentioned diseases is provided for your better understanding of the said diseases. Program designing depends on several factors, inter alia - age, gender, history of previous physical activity and nutrition, family history, medications that are currently used to treat a certain disease.

- Weight Loss

- Muscle Building

- Training Program for Osteoporosis

- Training Program for Persons with Musculoskeletal Injuries

- Pre & Post-Natal Training Program

- Training Program for Diabetics

- Training Program for People with Elevated Cholesterol Levels

- Training Program for People with Elevated Blood Pressure-Hypertension

- SCHROTH program, designed for spine and posture

- Training Program for Asthmatics

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